MAY 18, 2018


Kyra Kyles and Myth Lab co-founder Kozi Kyles will keynote the WOKE Entrepreneur Conference.  The partners (and sisters) will address over 200 attendees who are emerging and current business owners to share their experiences moving from the corporate world into running their multicultural content development company full time.  Ticket info and more details on a stellar line-up of speakers HERE.   


MAY 1, 2018


Kyra Kyles is one of the Guests of Honor at the upcoming Dream On Education celebration.  The event, to be held in a swanky lofted space, will help the organization raise money to educate and empower Chicago youth. Ticket info and more details on a the festivities and other honorees HERE


SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

Kyra, alongside Facebook, I.C. Stars,  and Black Mecca executives, will be a speaker at the Digital Diversity Network coming to Tech Month Chicago. This first-annual event will feature Cocktails, Conversation & Networking with Diverse Digital & Tech Professionals.  Shift is always happening. Technology has upended traditional industries; disrupted talent; spawned new ventures; increased connectivity; galvanized movements and amplified diverse voices. As innovation consistently transforms the status quo, how does one remain relevant and competitive? Hear from diverse industry professionals who have embraced technology and disruption to advance their careers, their communities and the common good. Learn how to create change and thrive within the Innovation Eco-system.


september 19, 2017

(palo alto, California)

"Voices Left Out: Who are the Under-served Voices in the Digital Age?" is the topic of a panel at the invitation-only journalism summit.  There, Kyra will present a "lightening" talk to share perspectives on this urgent issue for the media and those who consume it before participating in a Q&A with attendees.

diversify or die: why news outlets must mirror their audiences

new york, nyc (Google offices)

Kyra will present to Google executives and affiliates on the topic of truly making your media coverage mirror the audience that consumes it.  This is a subject the multi-platform executive is well versed on and has presented to other forums, such as during Social Media Week and the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit. This particular session-- which will cover topics, including but not limited to, the fact that Kim Kardashian did NOT invent cornrows-- will be broadcast on the search industry giant's network reaching over half a million subscribers.

BLACK WOMEN ON ... your brand visibility & social media


Kyra, along with the Dean of Emory University's Coizueta Business School Erika H. James; Senior Media Strategist at Burrell Communications Conjah Adams; and Former EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Marketing & Creative for VH1 Caralene Robinson, will discuss the impact of online platforms and Black female entrepreneurship.  This event, powered by the Executive Leadership Council, is open to the public. Get more details and register to attend right HERE.  

League of Women Voters Biennial Convention

June 10 2017
Des Plaines, IL

Kyra delivered the keynote address during a bipartisan gathering of women, sharing details of her career trajectory from a broadcast and print journalist to a high-level media executive at EBONY and advocate for diversity in the industry.

haiti tech summit

June 7,8 2017

On June 7 and 8, Kyra received the opportunity to be part of history as a panelist for the first-ever Haiti Tech conference.  Held in the Royal DeCameron Indigo Beach resort, she addressed an audience of executives, entrepreneurs and activists with sponsoring and attending companies including Google and Facebook.  The two-day event and brainchild of Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, Christine Souffrant Ntim.  More about the event and a video snippet HERE.


JUNE 10, 2017

Glow up! Kyra spoke at @21ninety’s #EmpowerHer17 conference on June 10! She and over 500 other business-savvy women in Chicago June 9th-10th engaged in a productive Vulcan mind meld for two days of immersive conversations on leadership, creativity, and insights on living your best life.  Read more about the experience HERE.


Chicago Humanities Festival, “Springfest 17: Stuff”

April 29, 2017 at 2 p.m.
Art Institute of Chicago

Objects of affection could be the tagline for this insightful event. Multi-platform media executive Kyra Kyles moderated a discussion that takes a look at our rapidly changing relationship to the material objects that surround us—what we value, what we collect and hand down, and what we discard.  Kimberly Drew, social media manager for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, engages millions of Met fans through social media platforms across the internet. Drew will talk about how a 146-year-old institution stays relevant in a digital world, with insights from her popular Tumblr blog Black Contemporary Art, a place for art about and for people of African descent. This event will feature live open captions to increase access to program content. This program is presented in partnership with the Art Institute of Chicago.



november 16, 2016

African Americans, Latino African Americans and Latinos are projected to be a third of the U.S. population, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. These statistics are especially important for the mainstream media who will be serving information to these future consumers, which will represent 57% of the country by 2040. When asked specifically if they thought about their communities was accurate, approximately 75 percent of Blacks responded only “moderately” or “slightly/not at all.” Latinos asked the same question, 66 percent replied “slightly or not at all” or “moderately.”

Kyra Kyles, multi-platform executive, will share insights from her years working at the iconic Black-owned brands of JET and EBONY and experience working for mainstream media outlets including the Tribune Company in order to map out a path to connecting with, and meeting the needs of, a diverse readership.

After briefly analyzing case studies of media-gone-wrong while offering insights into our future audience, Kyles will moderate a  panel discussion with representatives from the media and audience measurement giant, Nielsen. The group conversation will edutain the audience so they can walk away with a firm understanding of:

  • Diversity done wrong (and how to avoid repeating this error)
  • Best practices and storytelling techniques
  • Story-development tactics bearing our new audience in mind
  • Solutions/ideas for “colorizing”current  coverage

More about the esteemed panelists and event HERE.