How will we survive until Season 4 of Insecure comes back on HBO? Not sure, fam. Just not sure, but I’ve got something for my fellow “Insecure” fans until we find out if Nathan ever redeems himself post-ghost, Issa ever plans that ding dang block party or if Molly all of a sudden learns how to be a team player at her new firm,.

Let’s reflect on what life was like before Lawrence brought his lanky self back into the storyline because it’s deeper than just a character leaving the main plot…even if it turned out to be a misdirect.

Below is an excerpt of the piece I wrote for Bustle:


During a pivotal scene in last week’s Insecure episode, Molly forces her BFF Issa to face her baggage. While helping Issa unpack in her new apartment, the ambitious lawyer insists that they establish a “trash” box, a receptacle for purging all the old ish that no longer has a place in Issa’s brand-new life. Issa only mildly objects to junking faded birthday cards and dog-eared Zane novels, but she outright balks at the notion of tossing out a collection of old mix CDs curated by her ex, Lawrence. Molly sighs hard in response to this stubbornness and dangles the cracked-looking jewel cases over the void before teasing: “If you want a fresh start…”

Visibly sad, Issa finally agrees to scrap what may have been the last memento of her time with the homebody-turned-tech professional. But why can’t Insecure's self-appointed #LawrenceHive do the same?

Not a single episode of this season, including the most recent, “Fresh-Like”, has aired without the online objections of the Lawrence Hive, a mostly male contingent of the HBO show’s fan base that somehow fashioned a national hero out of a negligent and, at least initially, unmotivated boyfriend that Issa cheated on in a moment of frailty.


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