Recently, I've been writing a lil' something something for TheGrio.  Like to read 'em?  Here they are!

1. Folks got a little "insecure" about Issa Rae's joking dating advice in a book that was published several years back.  Of course, as a supporter of this talented content creator, I could not let that slide so... THIS HAPPPENED

2.  Kanye West left his body, and the entire realm of reason, and denigrated our enslaved ancestors.  Naw, fam.  This was my OFFICIAL RESPONSE.

3. Cardi B said you couldn't eff with her if you wanted to, but Azealia Banks really wanted to. The controversial Banks kicked off a blood feud with accusations that Cardi B was a "caricature" of a Black woman and leveraging light-skinned privilege to do things Banks or Nicki Minaj could NEVER.  Words were said.  Entire Instagram accounts were deleted, but there is a bigger question this battle raises that you can read about it HERE.