One of my favorite co-workers of all time is my sister/business partner, Kozi Kyles.  Back around 2010, she came up with an idea to take some of her own workplace angst from early in her career and turn it into a concept called "Human Resources."  Basically, she daydreamed that a company she worked for had not been laying off her colleagues in the cruel and unusual way it actually went down.  Instead, she mused, perhaps these employees had been abducted by aliens looking to shore up their intergalactic workforce.  We put our heads together and came up with a feature, which evolved into a Web series, called "Human Resources," which starred comedic genius Lil Rel and a cast of puppets voiced by some of the best talent in Chicago.  We won awards including LAWEBFEST where we were invited to speak about how we bootstrapped our sci-fi fantasy project.  If you've never seen it, you can catch up here.


Fast forward to March 2018 when we debuted the follow-up, also based on our collective experience of workplace horrors from bullying co-workers to irritating e-mail threads and repeated requests to work late for no good reason.   

"HR Season 2: Cubicle Creepshow" is now adding to the over 100,000 views to our YouTube channel and attracting buzz to our social media platforms via @mythlabent.  Check it out if you get a chance and embrace our tagline.  We're using humor (and some horror) to put the work back in "work-life."  

(Credit for the creepy cube in the featured image goes to Kozi.)