Non-Black folks can’t seem to resist hitting “control + c” on our culture.

They snatch our dance moves and always have, from the shotgun back in the ‘60s to the leg-pumping “shooter dance” and “#KikiChallenge” of the ‘00s.

Our vocabulary and phrases are also up for grabs. Dope, phat, lit, bruh and “on fleek” have worked their way into the lexicon of mainstream brands. There are even unseasoned hordes increasingly using the term “sis” on Twitter.

But in a world where influencers can become million-dollar moguls, Black tastemakers should no longer settle for viral bragging rights or a virtual pat on the head from a celebrity admirer. These creatives need their coins and their credit, neither of which seem to be forthcoming.

“We can name so many influencers and YouTube content creators, mainly White content creators, who can leverage their influences and creations for commercial distribution and gain,” says Jeff Lopez, owner of Gloob Marketing and newly launched influencer-and-brand matchmaking network, Gloob Motivo.

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